NB! GJFF now only has Web sales of fishing license, www.elveguiden.no. P.S Fishing license is ONLY valid together with a valid disinfection certificate

Welcome to Gamvik JFF's web page. We hope this page will be a handy tool for you who want to visit us.  We hope you will find all the information you need at the present time, such as the rivers, licences, prices and more.


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 July 2nd-19

 Click on the link below to see the demo video of the purchase process

 To purchase license you must register a user on Elveguiden.no. This is done via this page:

 Click on one of the links below to go to the license purchase.

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June 8th-10

 Gamvik JFF has now changed to online sales of fishing licenses.
 The online fishing licenses are only sold from our license sellers, but license buyers can now report the catch via
 internet to www.scanatura.no or via SMS.
 Even if you have no catch, it must also be reported.
 The reason for the change is mainly due to stricter monitoring of stocks.
 Lack of reporting can at worst lead to exclusion of the individual fisherman, and far less fishing season for everyone.
 March 7th-10  New regulations from the County Governor of Finnmark. February 19th 2010
 Nov. 22nd -09  Catch statistic season 2009 are now available. Follow link in left menu.

 Autumn 2008

 Mr. Inge Nygaard has caught swimming
 salmon in two pools with sub-camera, August 28th 2008
 Film 1
 Film 2