Photos from Langfjord river


The source of the river is on "Ifjordfjellet". The outlet is down in "Langfjorden" at the small place "Laggo".
The stretch of river containing salmon is approximately 16 kilometres.
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-Fast coastal steamer from "Skjćnes" on the "Nordkyn" peninsula to "Laggo" about ca.50 minutes.
  Or the same boat from "Smalfjord" in "Tana" to "Laggo", about 2h 30 minutes.
-From road "RV888" you can follow a path from "Bekkarfjord" by "Laksefjorden" to the waterfall "Storfossen" in "Langfjorddalen",
  a distance about 6 kilometres, about 1h 30 minutes.
-From parkings area by "Nikolasdalen", apprx. 4 kilometres further north from "Bekkarfjord" along  "RV888", you can follow a path to
  the waterfall "Nikolasfossen".

Kinds of fish:

Salmon, sea char and sea trout. Salmon is the main catching.
You can also get some inland trout especially above the uppermost salmonladder (more than 16 kilometres from the outlet).

General information:

The river has many fast water stretches and deep pools with lots of good fishing spots
"Langfjorddalen" has luxuriant birch wood, a wood which is one of the northernmost in the world.

Take advicement from cutting live wood for campfire, it's illegal! Use dead wood for this purpose.

Do not pitch tents closer to the river than 50 metres.

Special regulation:

Time of fishing:
·  Salmon from June 15th 12am to August 31st 12pm
·  Sea char from July 1st 12am to August 14th 12pm

Prohibited zones:
·  Bridge pool by the bridge at "Storfossen": 120 metres below the hang bridge to 50 metres past the top step of the salmon ladder.
·  Be aware of the prohibition of fishing in- and at the salmon ladders.
·  Be aware of private fishing rights by «Jensenpool» in the lower part of the river.

Permitted tools:
·  Spoon, angleworm and fly.
·  From July 11th angleworm and fly only (sinkin lines and similar are prohibited).
·  From August 1st only flyfishing permitted.
·  It is not permitted to fish with more than 3 hooks. A tripple hook counts as 3 hooks.

Catch limitation:

 Maximum of 2 salmon each day and maximum of 10 salmon all season
Remember to fill in the fishing logbook every day.




Special advisement:

- Nature and vegetation are vulnerable so far up north. Use existing places for camping.
- Also use the dustbins placed along the river. Those are not ment for food waste, offals and such.

24 hours licenses:

Members of "Gamvik JFF" Nok. 110,- / 24 hour
Inhabitans of the county"Finnmark" Nok. 220,- / 24 hour
Other Norwegian citizens Nok. 330,- / 24 hour
 Foreigners Nok. 385,- / 24 hour
Youth under the age of 16 Free

Children under the age of 16 are fishing for free, but can receive fishing license. Remember to deliver catch report.


License seller:



Show Nature wit and Fishing culture

Have a nice fishing holiday !!